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The Conference 

The 2nd Cyber Insurance & Incident Response Conference, is back again, one year after its first entrance in the insurance market, and aims to boost cyber insurance market growth by highlighting its key role in risk management, as well as analyze the risks that affect a company's day-to-day function which may pose a threat to its systems' smooth operation and availability and end up causing financial burden and hurting its reputation.
This event is organized for the second time, this year by ethosEvents in collaboration with the economic and business portal, Insurance World magazine and, and conducted via LiveOn, the innovative, fully featured digital business communication technology developed by the ethosGROUP group of companies.

Overview – Thematic Panels

1. "Trends & Prospects in the Cyber Insurance Market"

This session will focus on trends and prospects of the Cyber Insurance market. More specifically:
     - Cyber Insurance Market Trends
     - Non affirmative cyber
     - Impact of Covid-19
     - Reinsurance

2. "Legal Framework & Compliance"

This session will present the laws currently in force, the focal points for the regulatory authorities involved, companies' compliance with the new provisions and practical implications in case of non-compliance:
     - GDPR
     - E Privacy
     - NIS

3. «Cyber Risks Management & Cyber Claims»

This session will analyze cyber risks management, which should be a basic priority for all companies, executives and Management Boards who need to promote the education of their personnel, put in place the appropriate policies and procedures and invest in effective technological solutions:
     - Ransomware (Current Trends, Proactive Planning, Restoration & Recovery)
     - Business Email Compromise Case & Wire Fraud
     - Human Capital Education
     - Cyber Claims study

4. "Ransomware Incident Response"

This session will analyze:
     - Digital Forensics – analysis of causes of criminal incidents
     - The repercussions of a ransomware incident on a company's smooth operation
     - Corporate liability after a ransomware incident; how should companies react to such incidents?
     - Corporate Reputation management & communication challenges
     - Report to the Data Protection Authority 
     - Informing data subjects of loss of their personal data




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